February 2013
The Dos and Donts of wearing Bold Jewelry Pieces

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statement-jewelryWearing big pieces of jewelry can be daunting for a lot of women. Large pieces can be excellent fashion statements and they cal also be a great conversation starter. It takes confidence to wear big babbles or large stones. Remember that when you wear big jewelry pieces, you will get some attention whether you want it or not.

The bigger the stone, the more fake it looks

If you cannot afford the biggest of stones, you need to make sure you have the stone set in platinum, gold, or white gold. It will not break the bank and it will help appear the stone look real.

Keep it simple

Keep your ensemble simple. Let’s say you are wearing an oversized pearl necklace, then make sure the other pieces are subtler. Wearing black also looks great if you have some big coral necklace or one with black pearls.

Easy with the prints

Bold and colorful jewelry may not go well if you love wearing prints. An outfit that is too loud will scream even louder when you wear large pieces of jewelry. Let the jewelry be the center of attention with a backdrop of black, white, beige, or any solid color.

Vintage works, too

Some of the best jewelry pieces you can get can be found on vintage stores. These aged pieces can actually go for cheap say a lot about your personality.

Have fun with color

You do not have to be afraid of colorful pieces. Have fun with colors for example go daring with red or green beads. It really does not matter if the stones are real or not but the size and color will make the jewelry unique.

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December 2012
Bling for your iPad: A $700,000-Case

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ipad-blingArtists come up with jaw dropping bras studded with diamonds. Now if you think you cannot show off that bra anyway and opt for something that is constantly on display, then a company called Natural Sapphire Company has bling bling accessory for your iPad.

The brand recently unwrapped an iPad case designed for the iPad Mini embellished with 18-carat white gold and covered with more than three thousand natural blue sapphires that total 599 carats. The apple logo is made from 50 diamonds.

The sapphire wrapped iPad Mini accessory goes for $700,000. Well, if you do not want to cash out that much in one spending, they made it easier thru an installment plan of $233K in three gives. The iPad Mini sells for $329 so doing the math, the case will actually be around 2,127 times the price of what it will cover.

Truly, as the company says, be unique and be beautiful but who will really carry around an iPad covered with a casing that is equivalent to seven supercars? If ever you decide to bring it during your commute to work, make sure you have the whole Secret Service tag along.

The company also sells iPhone cases. Their blinged-out version starts at $100,000.

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July 2012
Tips when buying jewelry online

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buying-jewelry-onlineJewelry lovers now extend their retail therapy online for the sake of convenience and choice. A lot of consumers though are not ready to dive into the experience of buying jewelry over the internet. If you have some worries, here are some tips that might help you through:


A lot of people are worried about buying online because of the security of the website. When buying from an online jeweler make sure the website has enough security checks in processing their credit card transactions. You also have to see if your browser shows “https://” which means that your connection is secure.

Return Policy

Sometimes what we see online is different from what we really want. There are also times when you need to exchange jewelry pieces for something that is more suitable. Depending on the seller and the laws they are bound to follow, most jewelers allot a certain amount of time for exchanging the item unless they are custom made for you.

Ask around

Research about the reputation of the online jewelry retailer. Look for reviews online and see if there are problems with their items, delivery, payment system, among others. There are thousands of online stores selling jewelry so make sure you get your pieces from the best and most reputable brands.

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March 2012
Jewelry Trend: Spring 2012 brings the lace effect

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Jewelry designers explores the possibilities with how they can flirt with the playfulness of lace. Creations are popping up from different corners mixing the fabric or the patterns with other elements like crystals and beads. Here are some of the best pieces we found so far:

Lace Cocktail earrings by Monica Vinader


Monica Vinader uses the lace design to craft this classy baroque earrings. The intricately crafted lace pattern hangs from a stud of moonstone. They are made from gold vermeil set with moonstone gemstones and pink tourmalines in cabochon and faceted cuts.

Gold lace stole necklace designed by Akong


This necklace will surely brighten up your outfit. The designer combined Turquoise beads, Czech crystal, silk tassels and laces.

Lace necklace by Vannesa Tugendhaft


You can add this understated piece of jewelry made from rose gold with diamonds. The pendant features an intricate lace pattern that can surely turn heads.

Serenissima lace earrings by Laurent Gandini


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December 2011
Jewelry counter vs auction: Tips where to purchase jewelry

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A lot of jewelry designers are emerging today and further diversifies the kinds of jewelry that we see. The bad economy though empty safety deposit boxes as jewelry owners try to keep afloat amid the tough life. The situation brings a lot of excellent jewelry finds to the auction houses where they are sold lower than their retail prices.

Mega gems like the biggest diamonds that we have ever seen in our lifetime holds their value. Today, these unique and rare jewelry pieces are practical portable forms of wealth so those who can afford them do everything to get hold of these super gems.

If you are planning to make your next purchase soon, here are some tips which may come handy:

Try it before you buy it

You can bid on the internet or over the phone for most auction houses but if you can try the jewelry, then by all means try it before writing a check for it. You cannot rely on photos or mere descriptions of the jewelry sets. You might have one impression seeing it on your monitor but may have a totally different vibes when you examine it on person.

Fresh designs

If you want the newest look and the trendy designs for your new jewelry pieces, then go to a retailer where you can be guaranteed of these things. The top brands scour the market for the best pieces and can assure you that they will only give you the best finds in the market today.

Luxury jewelry store

Getting your jewelry from known luxury places like Cartier may add some 25% to 40% to its tag price when auctioned. A lot of their pieces though are produced in volume. Some go for the brand name but others prefer a more original and rarer design.

Buying directly from a designer

Getting in touch with a jewelry designer gives you the best service and personalization. You can have things crafted to your taste or you can discuss what you want so the jewelry designer can come up with a unique item for you.

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August 2011
Modern, chic, fashion-forward jewelry for women

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p33 diamonddots More and more women are going from traditional Queen’s jewels to casual, timeless chic jewelry. Modern women require their jewelry to be as vibrant and sensible as they are. That’s why Ivanka Trump, one of New York’s leading designer debuted a line of women’s jewelry that are modern, sensible but definitely high fashion in her Spring 2011 collection that was debuted in the Carlos Miele runway show. The Spring 2011 collection feature classic designs like Art Deco diamonds, cuffs, and ovals but with casual chic design twists.

Modern women jewelry are fun, chic, and easy to wear like designer Rhonda Faber Green’s famous Diamondots that she revealed 10 years ago. Today, she has created a collection of necklaces with long chains with black and white Diamondots. She also offers downsized versions of her big diamond designs in hearts and crosses. Myriam Gumuchian-Schreiber also offers her iconic Oasis and Lady G designs as well as earrings made to highlight diamond’s every angle. Pratima Sethi, a California based designer, also did a great job on her Confetti collection made with black and multicolor diamonds in long chain necklaces.

Large, piling, pearl necklaces are also making a chic comeback in fashion shows like Rodarte, Vera Wang, Lulu Frost, Thakoon, Peter Som, and Chanel, as well as on the red carpet. Since gold has become increasingly expensive, more and more jewel designers are looking alternative materials to create fashion-forward jewelry pieces. Pearls of different types, colors, shapes, and sizes are fast becoming popular in modern women’s jewelry.

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January 2011
Engagement rings sparkling during the holidays

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p78 Ashoka DiamondThe holiday season is also engagement season, and Hollywood last season did not miss on all the love and sparkles. In the past weeks big names like Natalie Portman, Reese Withersppon, and LeAnn Rimes have said “yes!”

After all the high profile engagements displaying all the colored gemstones in the center now comes the return to the more traditional colourless, and large diamonds.

LeAnn Rimes said yes to Eddie Cibrian and is now a 5-carat ring with an oval diamond hugs her ring finger.  The Brent Polacheck designed engagement ring is set in platinum with pave diamonds surrounding the big piece of diamond in the center.

Hugh Hefner convinced Playmate Crystal Harris with a 3-carat diamond band set in platinum.

The big buzz though went around when Jim Toth proposed to Reese Withersppon with a William Goldberg 4-carat Ashoka diamond on a platinum band.

Ashokas is a very unique cut of diamond with the stone cut to be more brilliant and visually larger with rounded corners and 62 facets. The name is taken from the 41.57 carat flawless diamond owned by Ashoka Maruya of India. Today only 10% of the mined diamonds has the potential to be done on Ashoka cut.

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June 2010
Faberge showcases new collection of high jewelry pieces

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Faberge’s puts spotlight on their new collection of high jewelry which consists of unique pieces that highlights the technical mastery of their repertoire.

Frederic Zaavy is the artistic jeweler behind the new set of jaw dropping jewelries of the Russian house known for its craft for centuries. The designer was inspired by the technical perfection started by the founder of the House, Peter Carl Faberge.

Here are some of the magnificent pieces which may be considered as work of art and as eye candy:

Red Hibiscus Cuff

Red Hibiscus Cuff

This intricate hibiscus cuff is made from 18-karat white and yellow gold and sterling silver. It is laden with 2,387 pieces of natural, untreated, yellow, pink, and white diamonds and add to the extravagance rubies summing up to 54.34 ct.

Charmeuse Bangle

Charmeuse Bangle

The bangle is made from 18 karat pink and white gold set with 1,948 pieces totaling 19.70 ct of untreated and natural pink and white diamonds.

Eglantine Earrings Eglantine Earrings

This pair of Faberge earrings are made from 18 karat white gold covered by 1,202 pieces of natural blue-grey, pink, and white untreated diamonds and 1 ruby summing up to 18.61 ct.

Firebird Brooch Firebird Brooch

This beauty is made from silver, 18-karat gold, and platinum set with 1,094 of untreated and natural diamonds bursting in colors like pink, yellow, black, and white. There are also Padparadscha sapphires in pink and violet. The designer added to the extravagance some rubies, moonstones, opals, spessartites, and amethysts. The stones total 20.44 ct.

Interested jewelry lovers and collectors may request for the pricing of these pieces from the Faberge collection by calling the Faberge Boutique in Geneva via +41-22-707-1100 or you can visit their website Faberge.com to know more about them.

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April 2010
Kate Spade Has Branched Out … Into Jewelry!

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imgname--bejeweled_by_kate_spade---50226711--images--katespade031410Kate Spade is one of those designers that I have been waiting to branch out.  While I know that Kate is involved with everything from bags, shoes, glasses and clothing she has finally turned her talents into some beautiful works of art – in the form of jewelry!

This is actually just one of the most amazing pieces that I have seen out of her recent collection and to me, this is a beautiful piece.  While of course, Kate actually uses glass instead of a lot of gemstones and she actually cut her gold out of gold plated metal, it is all about cost cutting for the consumer.

In this day and age – Kate wants to make sure stuff affordable and that is why this little gem is so awesome!

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April 2010
Tiffany & Company Is Taking A Stand

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imgname--coral_too_precious_to_wear---50226711--images--tiffany032110While I know that everyone in the world is following some type of trend and I know that right now – the trend in jewelry is coral jewelry, but Tiffany & Co is actually trying to change that.  Recently, they redid their window display and have made it under the sea, in order to promote the fact that coral is actually a living and breathing thing.

While it might seem like Tiffany & Co is just trying to push their pieces of jewelry like this, they are actually trying to make a statement.  Coral is not something that belongs in our jewelry or on our wrists, it is something that needs to certainly be taken care of.

That is why the Too Precious to Wear collection was designed and this is actually just one piece out of it.

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